quarta-feira, 17 de março de 2010

Day 14

"Thomas Listen. Listen.
There are times when life calls out for a change.
A transition. Like the seasons.
Our Spring was wonderful, but Summer is over now and we missed out on autumn.
And now all of a sudden, it's cold, so cold that everything is freezing over.
Our love fell asleep, and the snow took it by surprise.
But if you fall asleep in the snow, you don't feel death coming."

"And you were accepted, of course.
You moved from Boston to Paris into a little apartment on the rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis.
I shoed you our neighborhood, my bars, my school.
I introduced you to my friends, my parents.
I listened to your texts, your singing, your hopes, your desires, your music.
You listened to mine. My Italian, my German, a bit of Russian.
I gave you a walkman. You gave me a pillow.
And one day, you kissed me.
Time went by, time flew and everything seemed so easy, so simple, so free, so new, so unique. We went to the movies, we went dancing, we went shopping, we laughed, you cried, we swam, we smoked, we shaved, sometimes for no reason, or for a reason. Yes, sometimes for a reason.
We were close, so close, ever so close"

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